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Should You use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) When Trying to Make Money Selling on Amazon?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

First, we want to let you know there are many different ways to strike it rich selling on Amazon. Not all of the methods are best for beginners. Some require a lot of capital and can be risky. We have taken all the different courses available online and found 1 that all rookies should start with. This article will outline and share our findings so you can get started making money Today!

You don't need a warehouse to ship

Why FBA is not the Best Way to Start Selling on Amazon

While there is a lot of people who say FBA is the best way to make it to the top selling on Amazon. We have found that it can be very risky. With trending markets fluctuating all the time you could be stuck with a garage full of fidget spinners. Sure, some people have made millions with the FBA method but the amount of up-front capital can be $20,000-$50,000 just to get started. We have found that there are many other methods to sell on Amazon.com that do not require an investment equal to the down payment for buying a house. Amazon Seller Central is the hub that allows you to become an Amazon Merchant.

Upfront Cost of a Course Can be $5,000 or More!

When we began our research on how to make a living selling on Amazon we didn't have a lot of money to invest. Some courses cost way more than are worth. Some have a monthly subscription associated with them and others are a flat 1 time fee. The course that checks all the boxes for us was under $1,000 and provided a much more in-depth training and was easy to understand.

Product Research is Required With all Amazon Selling Systems

While researching product to sell on Amazon you will find the more time you spend the better margins and more likely to sell large amounts. There is no easy way out of this. If you believe that any course will tell you exactly which products to purchase you are quite mistaken. NONE of the guides to sell on Amazon FBA or Drop-shipping will tell you specific products to sell. We were under the impression that the courses offered handed you a silver platter with an exact receipt to make thousands of dollars each month. We found this not to be the case. There are days that we spend 2-4 hours researching the next best product for our Amazon Store and we find nothing. There are other days we spend 30-45 minutes and find 10 high margin and trending products. This can be one of the most difficult part to having success selling on Amazon.

Drop Shipping vs Amazon FBA

Drop shipping limits the risk of purchasing products that may or may not sell, while simultaneously allowing you to test hundreds of products. For those who are not familiar with drop shipping it is a process where you don't have to purchase any inventory. Once you have found a profitable item to sell on Amazon you wait unit, it sells and then purchase it from a supplier per order. The supplier ships directly to your customers so you don't have to lift a finger in the fulfillment process. We love this method for multiple reasons. Both of these methods you will need to have an Amazon Seller Central Account.

  • You don't have to have store inventory

  • You don't have to have money to invest

  • You don't have to ship products or process returns

Active Social Media (Facebook) Groups

An active FB group can be extremely helpful when starting out. This is a place where other "students" can share advise, success, and failures to help out their fellow entrepreneurs. Our pick for the Ultimate Amazon Sellers Course has all the above plus much more. Just see how successful we have been in the first 6 months using the formula shown the Dropshipperz.

Just a look at the 3 Amazon Stores we are currently running.

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