• Cole Castro

The Art of Drop Shipping | How to Start a DropShipping Business in One Day!

To begin you will need to have a computer and the desire and drive to make this happen. Nothing is free or comes easy and if anyone claims to have a "get rich quick scheme" they are lying to you. There is only 1 way to get rich. Work harder and smarter than the other guy. Everyone is trying to make money selling online by drop shipping on Amazon but don't worry. There is plenty of products being invented everyday and the amount of online shoppers is growing at a rapid rate. All you have to do is get educated and it all starts with learning the basics of a drop shipping business on Amazon.


  • Find a guide or course that is easy to understand

  • Follow the training step by step (The Method is Proven)

  • Spend 3-5 Hours a day researching products

  • Get Active in Drop Shipping Social Media Groups

  • Never Quit


  • Pay too much for a course ($5000 is too much)

  • Trust anyone who says you will get rich quick

  • Think of Dropshipping as a hobby

  • Don't think it will happen without putting in work

  • Quit

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